Fan Fiction Number 2: Drinion Chapter 4

By Mark

Here is Chapter 4 of a great Doctor Who Fanfic story wrote and sent in by Hitbob for this site called "Drinion"
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Thanks for sending it in for all the other readers to enjoy.
Here it is, Chapter 4;

Chapter 4

As The Doctor And The Master aim the screwdrivers at the Macra, The Teleport Blew into a thousand pieces and from the roof a giant pod fell, and landed gently inside the Circle, Then a Head popped out, Scarf round his face with ww2 helmet on his head goggles down, “Doctor! Climb in now!” it roared, firing two large lasers at the Macra, as the doctor leapt in, the cave collapsed, and it zipped into the time Vortex. Brannigan Sat Down at the Controls pulling the scarf down and Martha was on a screen “Brannigan Report. Has The Doctor Been Recovered Over!” Martha Shouted “Yes. Returning to Rarben base 5 point Delta One!” he Replied, So Doctor We’ve been teaming up with the army of Rarben to save u and we have found out this Doctor: The Rarben aren’t invaders, They work to save Drinion, Since The Drini Invaded, and tried to kill all life and rename the place and gave the Rarben a tiny little space center, all we have to do to recover the planet, is blow up the moon we parked on! it will block the heat of the two suns, and the Drini will dissolve since they live on heat!” Brannigan Told the Doctor, “And Recover the Planet of Endoi!” he finished, “what about the Tardis?” he asked, “we Recovered that Before Doctor but the last thing and most important thing we need is… AAARGGHHH!!” Brannigaan Finished as the controls blew “Red alert status to base!” Brannigan shouted at the image, then the doctor pulled a vortex manipulator from his pockets, “Brannigan! Hold on to me!” he Shouted “yes!” was the reply then in an image like the time vortex they faded into the base.

When the Preparations for the Gun Complete they shot, the moons blew and the sun was damaged, and then from its mist, The Time vortex appeared, and began sucking in the universe…

Find out what happens next in Chapter 5.
Coming Soon.
Enjoy Hitbob's story.
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