Fan Fiction Number 2 : Drinion Chapter 3

By Mark
Here is a Chapter 3 of a great Doctor Who Fanfic story wrote and sent in by Hitbob for this site called "Drinion"
Did you miss Chapter 1? View it here. Did you miss Chapter 2? View it here.
Thanks for sending it in for all the other readers to enjoy.
Here it is, Chapter 3;

Chapter 3

“Robot Drones, easy!” shouted the Doctor shooting the sonic screwdriver at the laser rocket, the Pilot bot flew off, ands then the doctor jumped in, shot a few bolts of laser into the Empress, and then, as she fell glowing red, a small red crystal rolled out, The Doctor caught it and flew out, and over the lake of Lava under the temples, then he realised that he could see two people falling down the edge, he Ducked the ship down, swirled into a hive of the other Natives called Minopen and blasted the centre pole holding it together, and the giant hive fell onto the pit of lava and the Drini (their legs can glide on lava.) fighting the rarben with their hoverpacks, the Hive split, the small holes which had all the Minopen inside separated, and then the doctor leapt into one. Brannigan shot a Grapple hook from the Pistol, gripping round the cliff, then he pulled up a small Vortex manipulator like device, and twisted a knob on it, and then he press another button, Him and Martha Teleported out.

The Doctor entered a tiny cave, and saw another teleport at the end, but a green gas was surrounding it, “Master.” The Doctor Said climbing out, “Doctor!” it replied, and entered the dead body of a Rarben Soldier that had escaped Capture, until the Master Killed it. The Master Pulled of the Helmet, a Human like Face appeared, “I need Regeneration!” it Shouted, “But I have had no bodies that would work! Your little friend was injured too early, I found this dead one, or I found it alive!” it finished, “and Doctor You are good enough for the regeneration Factor, Shield!” he roared, and a blue shield appeared at the entrance, and as his hand began to glow orange, a vortex left it and entered the Doctors head, and they began to merge, a purple gas glowing around them a filling the area,…

The Empress ran towards the battle, her claws and arms hitting all the Rarben Troops, and stabbing some others, she leapt of a cliff and landed on a lava patch, and leapt onto a cliff, smashing through and into a cave, and saw a person, some Rarben burning up, next to a teleport, the Purple Gases choked her just as she got her crystal, and then she swiped the Burning Rarben, and it broke into two people, then as the doctor Received the Crystal off the dead Empress, the Fog Cleared, and they were surrounded, “Macra…” Muttered the Doctor…

This is Story 1 "The Five Crystals" , the story will continue in Story 2 "The Return of the Macra" where they will track down the next crystal.
What , a great story.
Find out in Chapter 4. Coming Soon.
Enjoy Hitbob's story.
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  1. Hitbob 2 August 2007 at 17:00
    no book one: Drinion,

    the series is Five crsytals

    book two return of the Macra

    Book 3: tbc
    Book 4: tbc
    Book 5: The Final Battle (?)

    few hints and one of my book 5 choices, out of three more, 4 spoilers just ask in Cbox

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