Fan Fiction Number 2 : Drinion Chapter 1

By Mark

Here is a great Doctor Who Fanfic story wrote and sent in by Hitbob for this site called "Drinion"
Thanks for sending it in for all the other readers to enjoy.
Here it is, Chapter 1;

Chapter One

The Jungle Planet of Drinion 7 is as blank and as deadly as the void, and Drinis Controlled it. The Spider like Drinis were closely Related to Racnoss and Metebilis 3 Spiders but 50 times more Deadly, they had suckers that shot out their mouths and in a second would have consumed any other creature, no matter how Big. The Void Around it was massive and the Spiders were the size of an average Two Story Building/House, a massive thousand mile Temple and a giant, giant Drini lived inside- The Empress. On a Moon; Spelion The Tardis Landed.

The Doctor, Martha and Brannigan ran out, slipped, and ended up sliding down a long slippery Path and crashed down a small crater. “Hold On! Reverse Polarity of the Neutron Flow!” The Doctor Shouted firing the Sonic Screwdriver, and they stopped Falling, and then the Doctor Pulled them into a small tunnel full of extra terrestrial intelligences, and at the end a teleport, then the rocks above them shock and started to fall…

The Drinis sat in their massive space pod, and flew out, the Empress was outside with an army of Drinis, a invasion of some Rarben Warriors was about to happen, and they were planning destruction of Drinion.

The Doctor shot the Sonic screwdriver at the rock fall around him, the Wave destroying the cave, and Brannigan Leapt into the Teleport “No!” Roared the Doctor, and jumped at Brannigan, catching his leg just as he vanished, “Couldn’t you Follow Him?” Shouted Martha, “Well the Waveform destroyed the Tribo-physical Manipulator Stabilizers and the Eon Sec is now Unsecluded in the vortex of Time!” Shouted the Doctor and Blasted the Teleport, and it blew up and sucked in the Doctor in a green Flash and a vortex of light. “Doctor!!!” Roared Martha and Picked up a small tube with five Buttons on it “Does this Control the Teleport?” she muttered and pressed the 3rd button, a vortex swirled out, and into Martha…

The Vortex of Time that sucked up the Doctor disappeared, and he found himself on the ground inside a field, Brannigan next to him. “Doctor!” He Shouted, “I last saw you two years ago, that vortex malfunction must have sent you too far, you just appeared from the vortex!” Brannigan Shouted, “What’ve you been doing then!” he Replied, “Avoiding the Locals!” shouted Brannigan, just as a space ship flew down, Hitting the Nearby ruins of a temple, and a Giant army of spiders ran out and jumped at them, “Run!” roared the Doctor and then in a flash of light, Martha Jumped out of nowhere, glowing eyes and ordered, “I am the Death of this Planet, I am the Warrior of the Master, Your Master and My Master! I Activated his Ring!” “Who are You…” the Doctor shouted, “I am the Master. And you will obey me” Martha Shouted, and then the Spiders Leapt at the Doctor…

Wow, what a Cliffhanger, Can't wait for Chapter 2.
Enjoy Hitbob's Story
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  1. simon 25 July 2007 at 06:50
    NICE STORY.Martha has been possesed by the Master KOOOOOOOOOL

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