Fan Fiction Number 2 : Drinion Chapter 2

By Mark
Here is a Chapter 2 of a great Doctor Who Fanfic story wrote and sent in by Hitbob for this site called "Drinion" Did you miss Chapter 1? View it here.
Thanks for sending it in for all the other readers to enjoy.
Here it is, Chapter 2;

Chapter 2

A Space ship flew down, Hitting the Nearby ruins of a temple, and a Giant army of spiders ran out and jumped at them, “Run!” roared the Doctor and then in a flash of light, Martha Jumped out of nowhere, glowing eyes and ordered, “I am the Death of this Planet, I am the Warrior of the Master, Your Master and My Master! I Activated his Ring!” “Who are You…” the Doctor shouted, “I am the Master. And you will obey me” Martha Shouted, and then the Spiders Leapt at the Doctor. Just as theyreached him he ducked, and the claws swiped of Marthas Finger, and a green gas flowed out, “What are you doing here?” it roared, “We were going to new new york to get my coat and Sonic screwdriver, when the macra captured some time crystals, and we followed the trace,..” the Doctor shouted, as he healed marthas cut with the screwdriver, and finished “and it faded out somewhere here, anyway Master…” “thank you slave, give up your body!” the gas muttered, “As in your name, why are you here?” he answered, “My soul enterered the two things I held at the time, and my soul split as I died, into them, My Ring, on Gallifrey where the pyre was and on here, The Laser Scredriver, but know my gases have left a living form, I need one, and I possessed a man called Proffeser Friken, killed by Drinis, so I know that Drinis power can split the souls, and the objects had a teleport that could move them once I die!” Master Said, and entered the Sonic screwdriver. The Doctor Pulled a switch on it and then it all glowed green, “Master, get out or the virus scan will kill you!” Brannigan Said, “The Drinis have stopped attacking us?” Martha muttered, injured. They Turned, and saw Rarbens fighting the Drini, thousands of Rarbens were dead, only three Drinis , and it took at least 25 Rarbens to kill one Drini, and many Rarben craft was flying down, sending missiles at the Drini. At least a million miles of war surrounded the Doctor, Martha and Brannigan, the Missiles began to land near them. The Doctor pulled out the sonic screwdriver as the master left it, and it started a hologram of the Empress, “Hello, It’s the Doctor speaking, and can I help you, I can produce some mega bombs to destroy the Rabin or whatever they are.” He muttered into it, “Doctor, come!” it replied, and all the Doctors crew (and opposing gases) Warped into the Temples.

“Thanks Empress!” Doctor Roared, and sent a volt of laser into the controls, they blew up, and the others malfunctioned. The Doctor grinned and fiddled with a giant screen, and it ended up in the Rarben hard drive, and then he tried to destroy the Rarben Power, “How many Rarben are there?” He asked “a million!” the Empress answered, “a hundred of us!” she finished as the Doctor decided to save the Rarben, and pressed the wrong button (on purpose) and then it send a volt into all Drinis, knocking them unconscious, “So Mrs. Drini! One thing, Sorry!” and he leapt into a teleport, but that second it disintegrated, and the Empress leapt at him, and giant eon laser blast flew through the gap, and the Doctor was in a meters range…

Brannigan and Martha appeared on top of a cliff, surrounded by Drini, “Teleport must be rubbish!” Brannigan Said Pulling out his Pistol shooting the Drini, “Who are you!” the Leader Drini shouted, as Brannigan pulled out his I.D. card, “Un-Identified!” the Leader shouted, his Giant Claw swiped them, and they fell, falling into the pit of lava and battle…

What , a great story. What will happen to Brannigan and Martha?
Find out in Chapter 3. Coming Soon.
Enjoy Hitbob's story.
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  1. Hitbob 30 July 2007 at 21:34
    The Laser is a robot controlled battle ship, if you want spoilers!
  2. Hitbob 30 July 2007 at 21:45
    and Also, This is the first story in a series about those crystals the Macra stole, but where are the Macra...

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