Bernard Cribbins For Doctor Who Series Four

By Mark
Bernard Cribbins will appear in Doctor Who Series 4 , which episode it will be is still yet to be announced. Bernard has appeared in many shows and films including;
The Avengers
The Wombles
Faulty Towers
Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD (Doctor Who Movie)

Here is what Phil Collinson has to say about the casting of Bernard Cribbins;
"This is the icing on the cake, a wonderful addition to an already phenomenal cast," producer Phil Collinson told Doctor Who Magazine. "It's a wonderful cameo, which kept the entire cast and crew entertained."

It is yet to be announced the name of the character that Bernard will play. Personally I think its great that Bernard is appearing Doctor Who.
What do you think of the casting of Bernard Cribbins?
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