Torchwood Boxset Details

By Mark
More Details of Torchwood Series 1 Boxet have now been revealed thanks to Sci Fi Wire. The Torchwood Boxset will be released on 19th November 2007 at an average price of £55.
Here is a list of the extras that will feature on the boxset;
  • Welcome to Torchwood
  • Torchwood on the Scene
  • Torchwood Out of this World
  • Torchwood Sex, Violence, Blood and Gore
  • Torchwood on the Road
  • The Team and Their Troubles
  • Torchwood: Moments in the Making
  • The Captain's Log
  • Torchwood on Time
  • Torchwood Declassified

The cover is yet to be released for the boxset, I imagine it will be released pretty soon though. It's great news that this boxset is out soon, I have been waiting for this Boxset for ages as have many other Torchwood fans. The Boxset will also feature all the Torchwood Series 1 Episodes with audio commentary, Deleted Scenes and outtakes. This DVD sounds great, I can't wait to see the extras, especially the Outtakes.

Will you be buying the Torchwood Series 1 Boxset? I will.
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