Torchwood Children of Earth American Airdate

By Mark
According to BBC America's official website, the upcoming third series of Torchwood will air on their channel in America on the twentieth of July. This information was revealed yesterday and if rumours are to be believed, Torchwood series three will also air here in the United Kingdom on the same date. The date of Torchwood series three's transmission in the United Kingdom is however at the moment unconfirmed but more information will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available. Torchwood series three, Children of Earth, will consist of five episodes which will each have an approximate running time of sixty minutes. The series will air over five consecutive nights on BBC One this Summer and the episodes will also be available in high definition on the BBC HD channel. You can view trailers for Torchwood's third series here, here, here, here and here in previous posts. A preview synopsis for the series can also be found here. What do you think of this news regarding Children of Earth's transmission dates?

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  1. I am Jamie Sue! 3 June 2009 at 02:13
    I can't wait! You know, you should start some kind of email list to remind us when new series start or what not. I have a terrible time remembering dates. :P
  2. Anonymous 3 June 2009 at 06:45
    I am so excited!

    By the way, where have you gotten the images fro that you use for your icons? They seem to be new, and probably promo for Children of Earth.

    Thanks. x
  3. Mark 3 June 2009 at 14:08
    Thanks for your comments I Am Jamie Sue and Anonymous. That might be a good idea I Am Jamie Sue, I might think about starting one up but can't promise that it will definitely go ahead. Anonymous, the new icons that I have been using are promotional pictures for Children of Earth and you can find them on BBC America's official Torchwood website. Some are on the 'personnel' page whereas others are on different pages on the website. I hope that helps and thanks once again for your comments.
  4. Anonymous 3 June 2009 at 18:38
    Cool can't wait for TORCHWOOD series three and if it happens TORCHWOOD series four!!


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