New Torchwood Children of Earth Teaser Trailer

By Mark
BBC America have recently released a new trailer for Children of Earth, the upcoming third series of Torchwood, and they have now started to air this teaser trailer on their channel to help promote the season's upcoming premiere. The trailer is approximately eleven seconds long and as well as being available elsewhere online, it can also be viewed in it's entirety here on this site below;

Torchwood's third series, Children of Earth, will consist of five episodes that will each have an approximate running time of an hour. The series is expected for broadcast in both the United Kingdom and the United States this Summer but its exact date of transmission is at the moment unknown. More information about Torchwood series three will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of this new teaser trailer?

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  1. Anonymous 3 June 2009 at 19:42
    wow that's creepy it looks very good.

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