Torchwood Asylum Radio Play Reminder

By Mark
Make sure you don't forget that Asylum, the first of this year's Torchwood radio plays, will broadcast on BBC Radio Four this afternoon at 2:15pm. Written by Anita Sullivan, the story will see Torchwood investigate the case of a young girl named Freda and you can view its official synopsis here. It will see Tom Price return to his role as PC Andy and John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd will also return to voice their respective characters; Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto. Erin Richards, Matthew Gravelle, Sara McGaughey, Dick Bradnum, and Isabel Lewis will also guest star in the play which will have an approximate running time of forty five minutes. Shortly after it has transmitted, Asylum will also be available for download on BBC iPlayer. Golden Age, the second of this year's Torchwood radio plays, will air tomorrow and more information about it will be posted here on this site before its transmission. The third of this year's radio plays, The Dead Line, will then air on Friday and all of this year's radio plays will also be released on CD later this year. You can view more information about the CD releases of this year's radio plays here, here and here in previous posts. Will you be listening to Asylum when it broadcasts on BBC Radio Four this afternoon?

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