Russell T Davies Talks Planet of the Dead

By Mark
Russell T Davies has revealed in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine that Planet of the Dead will feature not one but two new species of alien. After the recent return of the Daleks and Davros in the series four finale and the return of the Cybermen in The Next Doctor, Russell thought it was time for some new monsters to be introduced and said;

"After the events of Journey's End and The Next Doctor, I think it's time to get away from the past and have an adventure with lots of new elements. And lots of fun too! The next Special should be a nice antidote to Christmas, with a bit of sunshine if we're lucky. And with not one but two alien races that you've never seen before."

Filming for this special will begin on Monday and the episode is planned to transmit on BBC One around Easter. David Tennant will be reprising his role as The Doctor in the episode and three more specials will follow later this year. You can view more information about this episode here in a previous post and new information will also be posted as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to Planet of the Dead?

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  1. Cecilia 17 January 2009 at 21:20
    I was talking to my sister about this just a couple of days ago. We both think that it has been a little bit to much of the Daleks and the Cybermen lately so YAY for new species!!!
  2. TOCS 18 January 2009 at 13:39
    Can't wait for this episode! :)


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