Free Doctor Who Year Planner and Poster

By Mark
BBC Magazines have today revealed that tomorrow's edition of The Daily Mirror will come free with an exclusive double sided Doctor Who year planner and poster. The Doctor and a Cyberman will be on one side of it and the year planner will be on the other. More information about this special giveaway can be viewed below in an official press release made by both BBC Magazines and Doctor Who Adventures;

Free Doctor Who Year Planner and money off Doctor Who Adventures.

Doctor Who fans can keep track of all their exciting plans for this year with a free Doctor Who year planner inside every copy of the Daily Mirror this Saturday (17th January). On one side there’s a huge poster of the Doctor, David Tennant with a Cyberman and on the other side is a year planner that will help you throughout 2009.

Readers can also save £1 off Doctor Who Adventures magazine with a cut-out voucher included in the Daily Mirror. Just take it to a retailer over the next two weeks to save £1 off the usual £2.10 cover price!

Doctor Who Adventures is a weekly magazine for young boys and girls who love Doctor Who. Every week it’s packed with scary monster information, fact files about the Doctor and his friends, cool posters, puzzles, competitions, things to make, an exciting comic strip and everything you need to know about the world of Doctor Who. Plus, each issue comes with a cool free Doctor Who gift. If you love Doctor Who, you’ll love Doctor Who Adventures!

Don’t miss this brilliant giveaway…it’s out of this world!

Tomorrow's edition of The Daily Mirror will go on sale at the price of 60p and also include a cut-out voucher allowing readers of Doctor Who Adventures to save £1 on their next purchase of the magazine. The voucher will be available for transaction in all good newsagents and retailers and expire in approximately two weeks time. It will be available to use on the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue ninety eight, which was released yesterday and you can view more information about that here. Will you be buying The Daily Mirror tomorrow?

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  1. I am Jamie Sue! 17 January 2009 at 16:15
    I'm in the US so no Daily Mirror for me. But if you buy a copy please scan the images and post them so I can link my blog to yours!!!
  2. Mark 17 January 2009 at 18:51
    Hiya, thanks for leaving a comment and becoming a follower all that time ago :D Unfortunately I don't have a scanner but I'll keep on the look out for you and see if I can find some anywhere :)

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