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By Mark
Billie Piper has recently revealed that she is happy with both the casting of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and the way her character Rose left at the end of Doctor Who series four in Journey's End. She revealed these opinions in recent interviews with TV Guide and IGN. Quotes from both of the interviews can be viewed below;

Talking about Rose's departure at the end of series four: "I was pleased with it. You kind of want to go with Doctor #1, but it just couldn't be. But it's fun. It was great, and an adventurous and epic finale to the show. I was pleased, and it's always really good fun to go back and do [Doctor Who].

Talking about the casting of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and some of the fans reactions regarding his age: "The fans get so concerned about these things, and they should just relax. It's going to be fine. They're in good hands. He's a stirring actor, and he has the right energy. That's what the Doctor's is about, essentially — having that energy that you just can't understand. I'm a big time fan of Matt, I love him. David [Tennant] has joked about me playing The Doctor, but ... I don't think the Doctor should be a woman. It's like going, 'Let's make James Bond a woman.' It's a man's role."

Talking about whether or not she would return to Doctor Who: "I don't know, It's hard. Sometimes you just want to leave something behind, and then you see an episode and are like, 'God I really want to do it!' You change your mind all the time."

Direct links to both of the interviews can be found here and here. Billie Piper played The Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler, in the first two series of Doctor Who and then returned for the last three episodes of Doctor Who series four. She is currently working on many other projects including; Secret Diary of a Call Girl and could possibly return to Doctor Who sometime in the future. What do you think of these new interviews with Billie Piper?

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  1. Collin Kelley 17 January 2009 at 23:27
    It would be very cool in the future if they could get both Billie and Tennant to come back to see what's been happening in the alternate universe. Having Rose meet the 11th Doctor would be interesting.

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