Gareth David-Lloyd The Sin Eaters Cardiff Signing

By Mark
It has recently been revealed that Gareth David-Lloyd will be signing copies of the latest Torchwood audio adventure, The Sin Eaters, in Cardiff's branch of Borders later this month. Gareth is well known for his role as Ianto Jones in Torchwood and he also recently portrayed the character in the Doctor Who series four finale, 'The Stolen Earth' and 'Journey's End', last year. The signing will commence at 1pm on the fifteenth of August and you can view more information about the store that it will be taking place at here. Written by Brian Minchin, The Sin Eaters was released earlier this year on the eighteenth of June and the story itself is narrated by Gareth David-Lloyd. You can view the cover of the CD for the audio adventure here in a previous post along with more details and the story's official synopsis which was released by the BBC. Will you be attending this signing when it takes place in Cardiff's branch of Borders later this month?

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