Exclusive Sixth Doctor Regeneration Figures

By Mark
Forbidden Planet and Underground Toys have recently revealed details about a new limited edition Doctor Who figure which will be released on the twelfth of August this year. It will be a special figure of the 6th Doctor, as portrayed by Colin Baker, and it will be available for purchase exclusively in certain stores. The figure represents the scene in 'The Caves of Androzani' where the 6th Doctor finds himself in the 5th Doctor's costume shortly after regeneration and it will go on sale at the price of £14.99. In America, the figure will only be sold in branches of Underground Toys whereas in the United Kingdom, it will only go on sale in Forbidden Planet stores. The figure is approximately five inches in height and it will join Character Options' current range of figures from the classic series of Doctor Who which are now on sale in all good toy stores. You can view an image of this special 6th Doctor figure as well as find more information about it here on Forbidden Planet's official website. Will you be buying one of these figures?

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