Exclusive Third Doctor Double Figure Packs

By Mark
Forbidden Planet and Underground Toys have recently revealed details about two new limited edition Doctor Who figures which will both be released on the thirtieth of October this year. The figures are of the 3rd Doctor, as portrayed by Jon Pertwee, in different costumes and each figure will only be available for purchase exclusively in certain stores. One of the exclusive figures will be part of a double figure pack with an updated Sea Devil figure whereas the other special figure will be in a double figure pack with a silver Dalek figure. In America, the figures will only be sold in branches of Underground Toys whereas in the United Kingdom, they will only go on sale in Forbidden Planet stores. The figures are approximately five inches in height and they will join the current range of figures from the classic series of Doctor Who which are now on sale in all good toy stores. You can view images of these figures along with more details about them here and here on Forbidden Planet's website. Will you be buying one of these figures?

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