Torchwood Magazine #16 Collectable Cover

By Mark
Titan Magazines have recently released an image of an exclusive collectable cover that they will be issuing for their sixteenth edition of Torchwood Magazine. The cover has been drawn by Michael Golden and it features a composition of his comic artwork created for Torchwood. This special cover will only be available for purchase in comic stores and another cover will be made for sale through all other retailers. Torchwood Magazine's sixteenth issue will go on sale sometime in July but before that goes on sale, we still have the fifteenth issue of Torchwood Magazine to look forward to and that will go on sale on the twenty third of April. You can visit Torchwood Magazine's official Facebook page here and more information about future issues of the magazine will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available. What do you think of this special collector's cover for Torchwood Magazine #16?

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