The Tennant Tapes - Tape Three

By Mark
The third installment of the Tennant Tapes, a set of behind the scenes videos recorded by David Tennant, was uploaded onto the BBC's official Doctor Who website yesterday and it is now available to view on their website here. In this tape, we see David talking to the cast and crew of Planet of the Dead and as well as being available on the BBC's site, the video can also be viewed here on this site below;

You can view the first of David Tennant's exclusive behind the scenes video tapes for this year's specials here and the second of his tapes here. In his first tape, he shows us what the read through for Planet of the Dead was like and in his second tape, he shows us what happened on the first day of filming for Planet of the Dead. It's likely that there will be a fourth edition of the Tennant Tapes sometime soon and we'll let you know if and when it becomes available. What do you think of the third of this year's Tennant tapes?

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