Doctor Who Adventures #99

By Mark
The 99th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released today and it is now on sale in all good newsagents across the United Kingdom at the price of £2.10. This week's issue has been invaded by the Daleks and comes free with five mini Dalek figures. Sunday's Daily Mirror coupon, see here, is available for use on this issue and the details that BBC Magazines have kindly sent us about this week's Doctor Who Adventures can be seen below;

ALERT! If readers miss this week’s issue they may be exterminated!

Doctor Who Adventures has been taken over by the Daleks! Last week the editorial team were invaded by Cybermen… and this time the Daleks have taken over!

The issue, out 22 January 2009, has an extra-tall cover and is full of Dalek information – be prepared for any future Dalek invasion.

This magazine comes with a free set of Dalek figures, and inside there’s an eerie scene on board the Dalek Crucible along with characters to cut out and play with. You can also rule your empire with this issue’s Supreme Dalek mask, plus there’s more Daleks in the magazine than ever before.

The Daleks order you to buy it, and you must obey! Also in the issue;

• News: The first pictures of the actor who will be playing the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith!
• The Dalek Survival Guide: Top tips for evading Dalek capture.
• Posters: Deadly Daleks and a scene from Evolution of the Daleks.
• Win a Cyber head! Part three of a comp to win a cool Cyberhead!
• Challenge: Escape the Daleks in our monster maze!
Dalek Data: Who is Dalek Caan and what is the Dalek Sec Hybrid?
• Comic strip: Trouble for the time travellers in The Great Rain Robbery.
• Comps: Chances to win some brilliant prizes!
• Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get a Sarah Jane Adventures CD!
• Plus loads more…

Doctor Who Adventures issue 99, priced £2.10, will invade shops on 22 January. You have been warned…

I got my copy of this issue yesterday, if you want your copy make sure you buy it before next Thursday when the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 100, will be released. Doctor Who Adventures #100 will come free with a Cyber dress-up kit which will include; a mask, a transfer and stickers. Will you be buying the ninety ninth issue of Doctor Who Adventures?

5 comments so far.

  1. Mark 22 January 2009 at 20:34
    Please note that the actual cover itself is orange where it is pink on the picture. Strangely though the images sent out by the press are pink :)
  2. Brad 22 January 2009 at 21:01
    I thought that too Mark. I saw it in Tesco and it was orange and it looks really good.

    The Gallifrey Vortex
  3. Anonymous 24 January 2009 at 14:45
    I've already got issue 100!!!
  4. GodPikachu 26 January 2009 at 20:42
    the dalek miniatures in this issue are spot on, have they done/is there any plans to do, any furthur minis.

    theyll look great painted up along with my other doctor who minitures :)
  5. Mark 27 January 2009 at 20:05
    Hiya, thanks for your comments everyone and welcome to the site Anonymous and GodPikachu. No plans have yet been revealed by BBC Magazines for more minatures but we'll post about them if any are announced. Make sure you check back every week for the official DWA issue press releases as they will contain all information needed :D It's cool that you've got issue 100 so early by the way Anonymous :)

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