BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar Day Twenty Four

By Mark
It's Christmas Eve and door number twenty four on the BBC's official Doctor Who advent calendar is now available to open. Behind it is a specially recorded Christmas message from Velile Tshabalala. At the moment, you can only view the message here as it hasn't appeared elsewhere online however David Tennant's Christmas message has now appeared online elsewhere and you can now view that below;

Velile will appear as Rosita in The Next Doctor tomorrow at 6pm on BBC One. The West Sussex Gazette and Last Broadcast have previously interviewed her and you can read those interviews here and here. David Tennant also recorded a special Christmas message, as seen above, and that was behind door number one of the BBC's advent calendar. You can view more information about The Next Doctor here on the BBC's official Doctor Who website along with trailers, clips and wallpapers. What do you think of today's advent treat?

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  1. Zobles 24 December 2008 at 21:32
    I cannot watch the video at the moment as its UK only but Im sure its good.

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