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By Mark
A few days ago Titan Magazines published a press release for their new magazine, Torchwood Magazine. The first issue of Torchwood Magazine hits the shops this Thursday and will feature exciting new interviews, comic strips, news and much more. You can find out more about the magazine here. Here is the Torchwood Magazine press release;

Following the success of Torchwood, the BBC’s award-winning sci-fi drama, Titan Magazines presents Torchwood: The Official Magazine – the essential guide to the adrenaline-fuelled exploits of Captain Jack Harkness and his team. Torchwood: The Official Magazine includes the latest news from the Torchwood set in Cardiff, exclusive cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes features on the show’s special effects, regular columns from Torchwood’s lead writer Chris Chibnall, and producer Richard Stokes, plus, 10 pages of original Torchwood comic strip fiction! The launch issue includes interviews with Torchwood lead John Barrowman, and guest star James Marsters (Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), plus, exclusive photography and concept artwork of the Hub. Explore Torchwood from a different angle, only with Torchwood: The Official Magazine!Torchwood: The Official Magazine is published every four weeks. Issue #1 on sale at good retailers from January 24.

The above cover, featuring both John Barrowman and James Marsters on the front, is the final cover. Two working covers have also appeared on the Internet over the past few months, both of which were thought to be the final cover when they were revealed. I will be getting my copy of Torchwood Magazine along with John Barrowman's autobiography and the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures this Thursday, will you?
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P.S: The Titan Magazines website says Torchwood Magazine will be released on the 19th February so at the moment it is unsure about when it will be released.

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  1. Bad Wolf PR 22 January 2008 at 21:06
    awesum looks ace this mag does
  2. Gaz 22 January 2008 at 21:06
    You mean months not minutes

    but cool post
  3. Collin 23 January 2008 at 03:23
    Oooh...I want one.

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