The Heroes Of Torchwood

By Mark

Just before the Heroes finale at 9pm on BBC2 last night, a Torchwood Series 2 teaser aired. It was a Heroes/Torchwood crossover, the trailer featured a short phone conversation between Peter Petrelli (Heroes) and Captain Jack Harkness. After the phone conversation we briefly see a clip of Jack, Gwen, Toshiko, Owen and Ianto walking forwards followed by a "Torchwood Coming Soon" message. You can watch the trailer on the official BBC Torchwood Website or you can alternatively watch it below;

Torchwood Series Two will air on BBC2 every Wednesday. The day that Torchwood will be shown on BBC Three is still to be announced however it will probably be on Sunday or at a later time on the Wednesday. It is rumoured that Torchwood Series 2 will start in the UK on the 16th January however nothing has been confirmed yet.

In Doctor Who news you can now open door number six on the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar here. Behind door number 6 is a piece of music from Doctor Who Series Three, unfortunately it never made it onto the Doctor Who Series Three Soundtrack. The song is called "An Old Rugged Cross" and featured in the episode "Gridlock", you can listen to it here
What do you think of the Torchwood teaser trailer?
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  1. a64 7 December 2007 at 09:49
    Okay, a bit sneakily clever for me, and a bit too short. We know it's coming in January already! Tell us more!

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