Doctor Who Adventures #44

By Mark
Doctor Who Adventures issue 44 was released yesterday. However it is only on sale for one week, from the 6th December to the 12th December, instead of the normal two weeks. This is so that Doctor Who Adventures can release their special Christmas bumper edition of the magazine in time for Christmas. You can buy Doctor Who Adventures Issue 44 now in all good newsagents at the price of £2.10, you can see the cover of the magazine above. Here is what BBC Magazines have to say;

Countdown to Christmas Who!
The next issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out on Thursday 6th December, is on sale for one week only – so make sure you don’t miss it!
The countdown to the Doctor Who Christmas episode has well and truly begun, and the team give you 15 essential things you need to know about Doctor Who this Christmas.
We also look back at the mysterious Roboforms from the last couple of Who Christmas specials – who exactly were they and what did they want?
Also in the issue;
  • Tales from the TARDIS – in our tale this issue, Donna chooses to stay on Earth at the end of The Runaway Bride.
  • Comic strip – part one of A Klytode Christmas… featuring the return of the Doctor’s old enemy, the fearful Klytode. Oh no!
  • Doctor’s Data – facts about Chantho, the ill-fated Malmooth girl.
  • Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra – a look at the Doctor and Martha’s special animated adventure, The Infinite Quest.
  • Posters – four exclusive posters of Dalek Sec, Jack and the Face of Boe, the Doctor and the Roboforms, The Infinite Quest
  • Win – loads of great prizes to be won!
  • Puzzles – more cool Time Teasers!

This issue comes with a tricky Toclafane maze game, holographic stickers and two cool badges.

I got my copy of this issue yesterday and the gifts are amazing especially the Toclafane maze game. Make sure you don't miss out on your copy. In other Doctor Who news you can now open door number seven on the Doctor Who Adventure Calendar. Four Christmas posters which I suspect will appear in Voyage Of The Damned are behind the door, you can view the posters here.
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