Doctor In A Dash

By Mark
A new Doctor Who game, Doctor In A Dash, has been added to the BBC Doctor Who Site, you can play it here. The aim of the game is to track down the Space-Time Manipulator and get there before the enemy Dalek ship, Slitheen Ship and Judoon Ship. Flying around in the Tardis, the game is a racing game and there are five levels in total. Here are the five levels;

Level 1: Vortex (Red)
Level 2: New Earth Highway
Level 3: Lunar Surface
Level 4: Blitz London
Level 5: Vortex (Blue)

I managed to complete the game this morning, on my first try, its a really fun game and once completed there is an extra bonus game. In the bonus game you can play as either the Dalek ship, Slitheen ship, Judoon ship or stay as the Tardis and track down the Space-Time Manipulator again. The game was created by Colin, winner of the BBC Blast competition, and a group of game designers. You can find out more about Doctor In A Dash here.
What do you think of Doctor In A Dash?
Which level did you get up to?
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