2008 Is When Everything Changes

By Mark
As some of you Torchwood fans may already know a few days ago there was a new Torchwood press release uploaded onto the BBC Press Office website. The release talks about episode one of the second series, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and about Torchwood's TV schedule next year. You can read the press release below;

The second series of Torchwood, the award-winning drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, premières on BBC Two. This time it's bigger and bolder, with more fun, adventure and excitement for the alien-fighting team.
John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen, Burn Gorman as Owen, Naoko Mori as Toshiko and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto return as the investigators delving into the alien underworld of modern-day Cardiff.
In the first episode of the series, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, by co-producer and lead writer Chris Chibnall, Captain Jack is reunited with the Torchwood team as they face a rogue Time Agent. The mysterious Captain John Hart, played by James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), is determined to wreak havoc, and needs to find something hidden on Earth. But with Gwen's life in danger, and cluster bombs scattered across the city, whose side is Jack on?
During the 13-part series, Torchwood's investigations into alien activity give the team glimpses of the 51st century and the First World War. In future episodes they encounter alien sleeper cells; save a stranded creature from human exploitation; meet a tragic soldier from the First World War; and encounter a memory thief who exposes long-forgotten secrets among the entire team.
Later in the run, Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The O.C.) makes a star appearance. Another familiar face among the special guest stars is Doctor Who's companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who appears half way through the series. Richard Briers, Nerys Hughes and Ruth Jones (Gavin And Stacey) also appear in various roles.
There is a specially edited pre-watershed repeat of Torchwood on BBC Two later in the week.
Following on from that, Torchwood Declassified goes exclusively backstage to reveal the secrets behind some of the first episode's sensational stunt sequences and talks to John Barrowman, James Marsters and Russell T Davies.

In other Torchwood news, the BBC Torchwood website has now been updated with new videos, a new layout, new promotional pictures and much more. You can visit the BBC Torchwood website here. The date is not yet confirmed as of to when Torchwood Series 2 will begin but it is rumoured that it will start on the 16th January 2008.
Will you be watching Torchwood Series 2?
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