Tate and Tennant's Future

By Mark
Catherine Tate recently appeared on Jonathan Ross' BBC Radio 2 show, in the interview when asked whether she would be back for the 2009 specials or Doctor Who Series 5 she confirmed that she wouldn't, and that series four will be her last series.
We first saw Catherine Tate in the Doctor Who Christmas Special last year, The Runaway Bride, where we she, Donna Noble, and The Doctor saved the world from the terrifying Empress Of The Racnoss. I'm sure Donna will be a great companion in series four and I can't wait to see her adventures on screen next year.
Later on in the interview, talking about Doctor Who Series 5, Catherine commented about David Tennant's future on the show;
"I think it's maybe David's last series."
Various websites/papers have picked up on this news reporting that David Tennant will be leaving Doctor Who however that is not true, Catherine Tate only said that she thinks it will be his last series. All that we can say for certain is that David Tennant will be in Doctor Who Series 4 and the Doctor Who specials in 2009.
In other news yesterday's Adventure calendar treat was a shorter version of the cinema trailer for Voyage Of The Damned which you can view here. Another trailer was also uploaded onto the site featuring a short flirtatious conversation between The Doctor and Astrid, you can see that trailer here. Behind today's Adventure calendar door is a new game called Dalek Break-out which you can play here.
What do you think of Catherine Tate leaving after one series and a Christmas special?
How long do you want David Tennant to stay as The Doctor?
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  1. Collin 17 December 2007 at 18:38
    I thought he might hang around four the specials and fifth season and then depart, but its sounding like he might not. I hope he does. He's my fave Doctor alongside Tom Baker and Peter Davidson.
  2. Anonymous 18 December 2007 at 17:30
    I think this was a red herring to throw us off the scent of david staying and i thing some of what she said can be seen ether way so i would'nt get too upset!!!!

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