Writers’ Guild Awards 2007

By Mark
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Doctor Who won at the Writers’ Guild Awards this year, being awarded the Best TV Series for Doctor Who series three. Of course this would not have been possible without all the writers of Doctor Who. Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat picked up the award on behalf of all of the writers. Gareth Roberts wrote The Shakespeare Code for Doctor Who Series 3 whereas Steven Moffat wrote Blink.
Here is what Gareth and Stephen had to say about winning the award;

Gareth Roberts : "It's a particular honour to receive an award from our peers in the writing community; we’re all surprised and delighted, and looking forward to bringing more Doctor Who to BBC One in 2008."

Steven Moffat: "Absolutely thrilled to be part of the winning Doctor Who writing team. Writing for Doctor Who has been my dream since I was seven years old - now that I've got an award for it, maybe I can get a girlfriend. "That would make my Mum happy as she's keen for me to move out. Just amazing, though to see this grand, mad old show take on huge, wonderful hits like Life On Mars and New Tricks and stroll off home with the gong."

Congratulations to all the writers of Doctor Who Series Three, here are there names; Russell T Davies, Gareth Roberts, Helen Raynor, Stephen Greenhorn, Chris Chibnall, Paul Cornell and Steven Moffat.
Lets hope Doctor Who and it’s spin-offs do well at next years Writers’ Guild Ceremony.
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