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By Mark
The Sarah Jane Adventures series 1 comes to an end tonight on BBC1. For non CBBC viewers a new episode is on tonight but seeing as I watched it last week I know what happens and can guarantee you that it is an excellent episode with a few surprises. In other news The Sarah Jane Adventures site has been updated with new features including more alien profiles and an exciting new game. Here is tonight's Sarah Jane Adventures schedule;
  • The Lost Boy Part 2 - BBC1 - 5pm

I will be watching The Sarah Jane Adventures again tonight and am hoping for a BBC announcement at the end of the episode confirming a second series. At the end of The Lost Boy part 2 last week, a man dressed up as Queen Victoria asked Oucho if the The Sarah Jane Adventures would be coming back. Oucho, the talking cactus, replied that it would be coming back for a second series. Hopefully this is true, only time will tell. Are you part of Mr Smith, the Xylock’s plan? I hope you enjoy watching The Sarah Jane Adventures
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  1. What Churchill Urgently 26 November 2007 at 20:44
    yay! but on the cbox it wont allow me to post so...

    also weres rose on there, and Hame and Branigan or however you spell it. and caan. and thay. and luke. and clyde. and maria. and Xylok. and Carl. and Sycorax soldier guy. and Judoon Captain. and Abzorbaloff. Bye. P.S. Nice site Matt

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