Doctor Who Adventures # 43

By Mark
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 43 was released last Thursday at the price of £2.10. This issue takes a look back at all of the Doctor's , news on The Sontarans, a comic strip and much more. With this magazine you get some free Doctor Who stickers and the second part of the double sided monster poster.
Here is what BBC Magazines have to say;

Doctor Who is 44 years old this November, so in the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures we’re celebrating! We look back across the centuries with a guide to every Doctor. How many do you remember? There’s also news of one of next year’s aliens – the strange-looking Sontarans! What will Donna make of them, we wonder?
Full of fun and facts, the issue’s bursting with monsters!
Also in the issue:
  • Tales from the TARDIS – find out David Tennant’s favourite scene so far.
  • Comic strip – part two of Waste Not. Can the Doctor and Martha escape the Optimi and get back to the TARDIS?
  • Doctor’s Data – the scary Weeping Angels.
  • Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra – The Last of the Time Lords.
  • Posters – four exclusive posters of Gallifrey, Last of the Time Lords, all the Doctors and the silent Scarecrows.
  • Master minds – help the Master beat the Racnoss!
  • Win– loads of goodies, including a Doctor Who book bonanza.
  • Puzzles – more cool Doctor Who time teasers and the Woven Word Search!
Loads of FREE gifts included with the issue – three different sets of stickers (glow in the dark Toclafane, puffy monsters and a sheet of holographic ones!) plus the second part of our massive double-sided monster poster.
Doctor Who Adventures issue 43, priced £2.10, is out now!

I got my copy of Doctor Who Adventures issue 43 today from Tesco seeing as my local shops didn't have it in stock on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Will you be buying Doctor Who Magazine # 34?
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