Lily Allen To Be The Doctor's Companion?

By Mark
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Singer Lily Allen is apparently in talks to become The Doctor's new companion. Various sources report that she will be The Doctor's companion in the next series of Doctor Who however we all know that Donna and Martha are the companions for series four. Maybe the press mean the 2008 Christmas special or maybe Lily will join Catherine and Freema in the series.
Here is The Sun's article;

Catherine Tate is currently filming in the role but bosses want Lily to succeed her in battling alien enemies including the Daleks and the Cybermen. The BBC recently handed the Smile star her own chat show and hope it will be the start of a long-term relationship. They would love her to take over one of the most high-profile female roles on British TV. A show source said: “Lily is multi-talented. She comes from more of a TV background than a musical one. After the chat show we hope she’ll take over from Catherine as Dr Who’s assistant. We’ve talked to her and she was excited by the idea.” The latest time-travel series is now being filmed in Wales, with Tate playing Donna Noble. Since the 21st century reincarnation of Dr Who, Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman have been the assistants. The source added: “Billie used Dr Who for her transition from music to acting. We think Lily can emulate that.

Lily Allen has hit the charts with many singles, two of them being "Alfie" and "Smile". It's only a rumour that Lily will become The Doctor's assistant so it may or may not happen. Only time will tell.
Will you be smiling if Lily Allen becomes The Doctor's companion?
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  1. a64 14 November 2007 at 18:42
    All I can say is that you are getting better at the pictures!
  2. BeckyTheSuperGeek! 15 November 2007 at 19:09
    i hope this isn't going to happen
    i really do
  3. Anonymous 17 November 2007 at 12:44
    Typical lousy Sun reporting... Billie was already well established as an Actress *before* DW, hells bells she'd trained as an actor and taken a starring role in a BBC Costume Drama
  4. MarthaJonesFan 18 November 2007 at 09:42
    To be honest, I really want this to happen!!

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