Doctor Who Magazine #389

By Mark
Doctor Who Magazine issue 389 was released today at the price of £3.99 and is on sale in all good shops now. Inside the magazine there is a joint interview with David Tennant and Peter Davison, the results of the Doctor Who Magazine awards and much more.
Here is what BBC Magazines have to say;

Peter Davison and David Tennant compare notes on playing the Doctor in an exclusive joint interview in this month’s DWM. Discussing the Fifth Doctor’s return in the forthcoming Children in Need special scene, Time Crash, Peter asks, "I’m wondering, do I know where I’ve come from? Do I know whether I’ve left behind Tegan and –" David interrupts. "Yes, is this post-Adric or not?" "Oh God, we’re questioning the logic of the script now," sniggers Peter. "We’re turning into Colin Baker!" Peter goes on to shock David with revelations about his old costume... "[Pointing at the celery on his jacket] Close up, my one looked like a piece of embroidery." "Your celery wasn’t real?!" gasps David. "No, it was material." "I’m devastated!" Also in this month’s feature-packed issue, discover the most popular story of Series Three as the winners of 2007’s DWM Awards are finally revealed; the writers of The Sarah Jane Adventures share their secrets about the making of the hit CBBC show; Mickey actor Noel Clarke ’fesses up as he answers questions from Out the TARDIS Tin; the latest full-colour comic strip, The First, reaches its thrilling conclusion; Russell T Davies confesses his love of multi-Doctor stories in Production Notes; 1979’s Destiny of the Daleks is scrutinised in The Fact of Fiction; some antique special guests answer your questions in Matrix Data Bank; plus all the latest news, previews, reviews, exclusive photos, competitions and more! DWM 389 is available from Thursday 15 November 2007 priced £3.99.

Also a special edition of Doctor Who Magazine will be released next week. It's the fourth exciting volume of Doctor Who: In Their Own Words. More information will be posted about Doctor Who Magazine: In Their Own Words Volume 4 later in the week.
Are you going to buy Doctor Who Magazine #389?
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