Doctor Who Children In Need Coverage

By Mark
The BBC Doctor Who Website has been updated with a great new homepage designed for Time Crash, the mini Children In Need Doctor Who episode. Also on the site there is more news on the episode and how Doctor Who is raising money for Children In Need.
In other news there are now special Doctor Who related Children In Need items on ebay. David Tennant and John Barrowman have signed individual Pudsey Bears which are now up for sale. All the money raised from the items will go to Children In Need, so why not get bidding. Also on sale for Children In Need is a signed prop, the prop is The 5th Doctor’s celery signed by Peter Davison. The 5th Doctor's celery featured in the classic series of Doctor Who and will feature in Time Crash.
Here are links to the online bids, seeing as there are four pudsey bears signed by John Barrowman I have only linked one of them;

David Tennant Signed Pudsey Bear
John Barrowman Signed Pudsey Bear
Peter Davison Signed Celery

Also the 2007 Children In Need trailer, featuring a very short clip from Time Crash has now appeared on Youtube. You may remember that I posted screencaps of this trailer in yesterday’s post. Here is the trailer;

The Time Crash clip features about 7 seconds into the trailer.
Have you bid for any of the ebay items?
Why not get your cash out and donate to Children In Need?
What do you think of the Children In Need 2007 Trailer?
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  1. Robert Cyberman 14 November 2007 at 02:05
    This is going to be awesome! I am sincerely hoping this is going to be a serious episode, like the one in 2005. You forgot to mention that there is also going to be a special DW:Confidential episode going behind the scenes of the special. Oh well. Great post anyway Mark :)

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