Time Crash Teaser Trailer Screencaps

By Mark
A mini clip from Time Crash was show on TV today. The clip was part of a Children In Need trailer which aired on BBC1 after Neighbours. There is now only four days left to wait until Time Crash airs and I'm really excited seeing as it's first multi-doctor story since the relaunch of Doctor Who. Here are the screencaps;

Thanks to Booboo from The Doctor Who Site for the images. The 10th Doctor looks really pleased to see his past incarnation however The 5th Doctor doesn't look so happy to meet his future self. The mini episode "Time Crash" will be approximately 7 minutes long according to the Radio Times. I will make sure to let you know of any more screencaps or videos online of Time Crash.
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  1. a64 13 November 2007 at 18:15
    I think it'll be funny and full of classic nods. Besides, it's a two-man sketch written by Steven Moffatt!

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