Invasion Of The Bane DVD Extras

By Mark
Tomorrow sees the release of the first Sarah Jane Adventures DVD. The DVD will feature the pilot episode "Invasion Of The Bane" and many special features. The special features which will be on the DVD have now been confirmed and here they are;
  • Trailers (for "Invasion of the Bane" and the series three Doctor Who boxset)
  • Character Profiles (Sarah Jane, Luke, Maria and Kelsey)
  • Alien Profiles (Mrs. Wormwood, the Bane Mother and the Star Poet)
  • Sarah Jane's Investigative Tools (info on the sonic lipstick, sonic watch and Nissan Figaro car)
  • Sarah Jane's Adventures (a look back at Sarah's 34 year history, with classic series clips)
  • Web Interview (BBC Norfolk's interview with Lis Sladen from 2006)
  • Blue Peter Feature (5m 14s)
  • Behind the scenes photo gallery
Thanks to for the list of extras. Also you can read a review of the DVD here. There's still no word on a Sarah Jane Adventures Boxset, but I will keep you up to date if there is. Will you be buying the Sarah Jane Adventures "Invasion Of The Bane" DVD?
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  1. Collin 28 October 2007 at 17:55
    I'm picking it up this week and keeping fingers crossed that a boxed set of the whole series will be released next year.

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