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The BBC Press Office have released information about the two part Sarah Jane Adventures finale "The Lost Boy". It's a very interesting synopsis and I can't wait to watch the "The Lost Boy". Seeing as the report from the BBC Press Office has many spoilers, to read the report highlight the text below.
Here is the BBC Press Office Report;

Sarah Jane and the gang face some old alien enemies again, along with an altogether unexpected foe, in the final two-part adventure of the series.A news report on a couple looking for their missing son, Ashley, brings a surprise for Sarah Jane when she discovers that the missing boy looks exactly like Luke. And when Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's super-computer, confirms that Luke is a genetic match with Ashley, Sarah Jane sends him back to live with his "parents". But, with no knowledge of his former life, Luke finds it hard to fit in and, when he tries to escape, he makes a startling discovery about who his parents really are. Sarah Jane, meanwhile, makes some investigations into the Pharos Para-Science Institute – a research unit that has been conducting experiments using alien technology. Floella Benjamin guest stars as Professor Rivers in this episode. Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Ashley/Luke Smith by Thomas Knight, Maria Jackson by Yasmin Paige and Clyde by Daniel Anthony.
The Lost Boy is written by Phil Ford.

What are your views on the synopsis above?
Also don't forget Elisabeth Sladen will be signing autographs between 2pm and 4pm at Oxford Street's branch of Borders. If you manage to go to the signing and get any pictures, have any comments or anything to do with the event it would be much appreciated if you send them here. Thanks in advance. Those who manage to go, I hope you all enjoy meeting Elisabeth Sladen.
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  1. The Spook 28 October 2007 at 18:51
    duh... the bane got lukes DNA off ashley who was affected by bubbleshock, but ashley went missing permo. the enemy is the bane getting luke confused with ahsley. well duh.
  2. a64 29 October 2007 at 15:48

    Nothing to do with Egypt, is it? What with what was mentioned in Gorgon...
  3. Spook 29 October 2007 at 18:27
    pharos... Logopolis! the doctor regens after falling of the PHAROS telescoope! there's a clone on the planet logopolis, so, THE MASER or THE MONITER are involved, and possible TEGAN, ADRIC and NYSSA. please agree my fingers are tired after DOING THIS repeatedly soz bout not being logged in tho.
  4. Spook 29 October 2007 at 18:28
    *telescope not telescoope
  5. Hitbob 29 October 2007 at 20:49
    corse not egypt why would it be egypt? come on most people have a brain sorry in advance.
  6. shanno 12 July 2008 at 17:25
    hi plz reply if u tink luke is fit and it is soo obvious that he was created by the bane coz if u read the doctor who adventures and read the issue 39 then it tells u all about it. :)
  7. Mark 13 July 2008 at 10:29
    Hiya Shanno, welcome to the site, yeah he was created by the Bane as the prototype and I'm sure your not the only person in the world who thinks Luke is fit ;) lol.

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