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By Mark
K9 & Company Video Cover
K9 & Company, A Doctor Who Spin-off which aired for one episode on 28th December 1981 is to be released on DVD sometime next year. K9 & Company starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith was intended to run for a series after the pilot "A Girl's Best Friend" however the BBC decided not to run it as a series and leave it as a one off special.
Sarah Jane Smith however does have her own spin-off at the moment which premiered last Monday called "Sarah Jane Adventures".
Here is what Phoenix Film and Television Production Ltd have announced on their website concerning the K9 & Company DVD Release;

Phoenix Film and Television have been commissioned to produce several special feature documentaries for classic Doctor Who releases plus the long awaited "K9 and Company" all for DVD release later this year and early next year respectively.
The content of the extras must remain under wraps for the moment but Phoenix will be producing 9 documentaries in total spanning several releases throughout 2007 and 2008.
"It is a very exciting project!" explains Phoenix head of Production Rohan Latchman, "It's an opportunity to really delve into such a classic TV classic and try and come up with something different." "The new show is so high end and full of spectacular special effects, but classic Doctor Who offered all in involved so many challenges on a weekly basis to keep the show fresh and inventive and I'm really looking forward to being involved in such an exciting project!".

K9 & Company has previously been released on Video and personally I think it's great news that it will get a DVD release too.
I will be buying this DVD, Will you?
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