Doctor Who Adventures #39

By Mark
The New Doctor Who Adventures came out today. It's Issue 39 at the price of £2.10 and comes with a free gift. The gift is a Tardis Pencil, Tardis Ruler, Tardis Stickers, and a Tardis Diary. I bought my copy today.

Here is what BBC Magazines have to say about Doctor Who Adventures #39;

Find out everything you need to know about the Doctor’s amazing TARDIS in the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures.
There’s a brilliant fact file revealing loads of time machine secrets.
Also, this issue we’re definitely bigger on the inside – with an extra eight pages all about The Sarah Jane Adventures!
We interview the cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and ask Elisabeth Sladen how Sarah Jane is finding being Luke’s new mum…
"She feels out of her depth as she is used to aliens, not kids! She’s not sure how to behave and can be a total embarrassment to the children!"
Yasmin Paige, who plays Maria, tells us about meeting other Doctor Who actors:
"I met John Barrowman (Captain Jack). I was well excited. He shook my hand and I went really red!"
And Daniel Anthony (Clyde) and Thomas Knight (Luke) tell us about the pranks they like to play on set…

Also in this issue;
  • Why we love the TARDIS – reasons we think the Doctor’s time machine is the best!
  • Win a life-size Dalek – part three of our competition to win a Dalek!
  • Tales from the TARDIS – Jack jumps aboard the TARDIS!
  • Adventure guide / Doctor Who Confidential extra – discover how the Doctor and Martha escaped the fearsome Family in The Family of Blood.
  • Comic strip – part two of Shipwreck – will the Doctor and Martha be able to escape the Suroban?
  • Doctor’s Data – beware the Beast!
  • Who knows? – all your Doctor Who questions answered.
  • Posters – four fantastic exclusive posters of a stunning TARDIS, John Smith and the Scarecrows, Sarah Jane and her gang and the snappy Macra!
  • Win – goodies up for grabs!
  • Puzzles – TARDIS quiz and brilliant teasers.

Why not buy your copy?
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