Torchwood Series 2 Teaser

By Mark
Peter J Hammond has revealed some information about his upcoming episode for Torchwood Series 2. In an recent interview with the SFX site he said
“I really can’t say a lot but it’s going to be terrifying.”
However after that he revealed some interesting information on the plot , which is a major spoiler. Therefore if you want to see the spoiler highlight the below text.

Peter then went on to say;
"I think one of my favourite Sapphire and Steels was the one with Mr Shape going in and out of photographs. Torchwood takes this a bit further and it's people coming out of moving films from the '20s. There are some lovely 'black and white' people in it."
If this is the plot, I'm sure it will be a fabulous episode.

What do you think of that spoiler? Very Interesting
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