Two Doctors, One Story?

By Mark
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Sylvester McCoy, the actor of the 7th Doctor is quoted as saying;
“Peter Davison is due to return for Series 4 in a Multi-Doctor episode”
This means that the 5th Doctor and 10th Doctor might meet, maybe other past reincarnations of The Doctor might be in the episode too.

This is not confirmed but it is really fascinating, if this does come true I’m sure it would make a very interesting story.
Sylvester was quoted as saying this when he was at the Day with the Doctor event in New Zealand.

Different Incarnations of The Doctor have previously all met with each other in classic stories, they were
“The Three Doctors” (1972)
“The Five Doctors” (1983)
“The Two Doctors” (1985)

I think it would be a really great story if this was to be shown on television. However please note this has not been confirmed by the BBC and is classified as a rumour at this moment in time. More information will be posted as we get it.
Would you like A Multi-Doctor episode in Series 4?
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