Return Of The Rani?

By Mark
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Joan Collins, a very famous highly respected actress, has apparently signed up to play a villain in Doctor Who. This Villain is rumoured to be the Rani. The News of The World are reporting this, there has been no official confirmation by the BBC as of yet, so this is only a rumour at this moment in time.

Here is an extract from The News of the World Article;
"The Doctor Who team are delighted they've managed to sign Joan. It's a real coup. She's perfect for the role... like Alexis Colby with a sonic screwdriver."

Last year The Sun reported rumours that Zoe Lucker would play the Rani, but that was just a rumour and never actually happened.
Kate O Mara was the actress who played The Rani in the classic series. The Rani has previously appeared in episodes; “The Mark of the Rani” and “Time and the Rani”, also appearing in a Children In Need mini episode “Dimensions In Time”.

Please note it has not been confirmed that she will definitely back, it is just a rumour at the moment. More will be posted as we find it out.
Would you like the Rani to return?
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  1. Anonymous 2 July 2008 at 20:53
    Yes but with the original actress! Why change Kate O'Mara for Joan Collins? The subject of "The Rani" is only up for discussion because O'Mara did such a good job in the first place!
    Why tamper with a winning system? The actress certainly isn't past it and it would be apleasure to see an original star retun!
  2. Mark 4 July 2008 at 19:22
    Hi anonymous welcome to the site, gosh this is an old post. I'm happy to say the site has become more formal and the layout of the posts are now better. This was just a rumour made by the press and I agree. In my opinion if the Rani returned it would be great to get Kate O'Mara back. There are currently rumours that she will appear in the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures ;)

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