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By Mark
Picture above was made by me by putting the Collector card Images together.
Doctor Who Playing Cards are to be released sometime this month, August 2007. There will be Series 1, 2, 3 cards and I'm sure they may release a Series 4 set after series 4 has aired on our screens. You can see them above, the images of what they will look like.
Previously there Have been Doctor Who Classic Playing Cards (can be seen above) which you may still find in the shops, I got mine last year. Also there were some playing cards from Doctor Who Adventures that came free which were nice.
Here is are my ideas on which people should be which rank in the New Series Collector Playing Cards;

Jack – Captain Jack Harkness
Queen – Rose or Martha
King – The Doctor
Ace – K-9 or Mickey
Joker – Clockwork Man maybe

If you want to guess which people will be which rank before the cards are released please comment your ideas in the cbox, below, or email them here. Comments would be much appreciated and posted if you wanted.
These cards will be out in shops soon.

There are pre-orders for them are on Who Blackpool and Amazon at the moment. Will you be buying them? I will.
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