Rumours Floating Around In Time And Space

By Mark
The Picture above was made by me., a news site, have reported on a rumour about Doctor Who and the future of the cast who will feature in the later series. This is a rumour at the moment, and this has not been confirmed by the BBC. So we can treat this as a rumour, and a rumour only.
Here is the Article (Highlight To read incase of spoilers)
The next actor to play DOCTOR WHO on the hit British sci-fi show has been found - TV star HARRY LLOYD.The show's boss Russell T Davies was impressed with Lloyd when the actor appeared on a recent episode as a student at a posh school.And when current Doctor Who David Tennant leaves the series, which is rumoured to be in two year's time (09), Davies is convinced he has found a ready made replacement.He says, "After his audition I sent a note to the casting director saying, 'He's not just good for Baines (his character), that's the next Doctor.Seriously. He's so brilliant." Lloyd currently plays Will Scarlett in the British TV series Robin Hood.

This is a very interesting rumour. Here are my opinions on the rumour. (Highlight to read.)

I thought Harry Lloyd was an excellent actor, as seen in "Human Nature" and "The Family Of Blood". This rumour also suggests that David Tennant will stay as The Doctor till the end of Series 5, which is great news. Of course , as the 10th Doctor is my favourite Doctor , I would love David Tennant to stay even longer. I doubt this rumour is true, I'm not sure the BBC would give something so big away so early. Whether or not there will be a Doctor Who Series 5 hasn't even being confirmed by the BBC yet. (Hopefully there is.)

What do you think of this Rumour?
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