The Master Of The Polls

By Mark
For the last week there has been a poll on the sidebar of the site.
The Question was “Which Is Your Favourite Series 3 Creature/Villain”
The Options you could choose were;

The Empress Of The Racnoss
Dalek Sec Hybrid
Korwin & Co (Possessed By Sun)
The Family
Weeping Angels
The Futurekind
The Master

In first place came the evil Timelord, The Master with a massive 40% of votes, 18 votes out of 45. The Weeping Angels came in second place with 15% of the vote, 7 votes. With one vote less than the Weeping Angels, The Scarecrows came, in third place with 13% of the vote, 6 votes. The Rhino like Judoon came in fourth place with 8% of the vote, 4 votes. All tying in fifth place; The Daleks, Dalek Sec Hybrid and Lazarus received 2 votes each, 4% of the vote each. The Empress Of The Racnoss, Korwin & Co (Possessed By The Sun), The Family and The Toclafane all came in sixth place with 1 vote each, 2% of the vote each. The Plasmavore, The Carrionties, The Macra and The Futurekind all received no vote, this might be because the poll finished after a week.
Here is the Poll Results picture for proof;
A New poll will be added soon for you to cast your votes. The poll will be a weekly instalment.
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  1. Bad Wolf 25 August 2007 at 16:07
    im glad the master won i thought he was fantastic. a classic did well considering what great monster they had this year ie judoon, carrionites, weeping angels, THE Family of blood their all great

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