New Doctor Who Files

By Mark
Four new Doctor Who Files are set for release on 1st October 2007. There has already previously been 8 other Doctor Who Files, and these are the new set are; Martha Jones, Captain Jack, The Tardis and The Cult Of Skaro. Each book is packed with facts, quizzes and pictures.
Here are my synopsis' for each book;
Doctor Who Files : Martha Jones Volume Nine
This Doctor Who file will take an in depth look at the character of Martha Jones. Martha Jones accompanied The Doctor on his adventures throughout Doctor Who Series 3 and is set for a return in Doctor Who, halfway through Series 4. Martha is also going to join Torchwood for 3 episodes of Torchwood Series 2.

Doctor Who Files : The Tardis Volume Ten
The Doctor Who file will take an in depth look at The Doctor's trusty time travelling machine, the Tardis. TARDIS stand for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The Tardis' Interior has been redecorated quite a few times since the start of Doctor Who, way back in 1963.

Doctor Who Files : Captain Jack Volume Eleven
This Doctor Who file will take an in depth look at the character of Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack first appeared in Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 "The Empty Child" and stayed with The Doctor and Rose through Series 1 up until Series 1 Episode 13 "The Parting Of The Ways" where he was left behind. However Jack used his Vortex Manipulator to return back to Earth where he then joined Torchwood in hope of meeting The Doctor one day. Captain Jack then met The Doctor again in "Utopia"/"The Sound Of Drums"/"The Last Of The Timelords". Captain Jack will be next seen in Torchwood Series 2.

Doctor Who Files : The Cult Of Skaro Volume Twelve
This Doctor Who file will take an in depth look at The Cult Of Skaro. The Cult of Skaro first appeared in "Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday" where we saw them engaged at war with the Cybermen. When The Doctor and Rose opened the void, all the existing Daleks were sucked into the void, however The Cult Of Skaro survived using "Emergency Temporal Shift". The Cult of Skaro were then seen again in "Daleks In Manhattan"/"Evolution Of The Daleks" where they were seen planning the "Final Experiment". The Final Experiment involved humans of higher intelligence being turned into Dalek Humans, and those of lower intelligence being turned into Pig Slaves. Dalek Sec also turned into a Dalek/Human hybrid in these two episodes. There remains one member of The Cult of Skaro in existence and that Dalek is Dalek Caan.

Once these are released this is how the Doctor Who Files collection will go, in order;

Doctor Who File : The Doctor Volume 1
Doctor Who File : Rose Tyler Volume 2
Doctor Who File : Slitheen Volume 3
Doctor Who File : Sycorax Volume 4
Doctor Who File : Mickey Smith Volume 5
Doctor Who File : K9 Volume 6
Doctor Who File : Dalek Volume 7
Doctor Who File : Cyberman Volume 8
Doctor Who File : Martha Jones Volume 9
Doctor Who File : The Tardis Volume 10
Doctor Who File : Captain Jack Harkness Volume 11
Doctor Who File : The Cult Of Skaro Volume 12

Will you be buying these books? I will, I love the Doctor Who Files.
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  1. Bad Wolf 24 August 2007 at 19:53
    nice long in depth post
  2. Carly 25 August 2007 at 08:28
    Very good must of took you a while.
  3. Anonymous 7 April 2008 at 17:11
    Is there going to be one of these books about the Master? Because they've got one coming out soon on the Sontarans, who are making their return to the series in the current season, but there isn't one yet about the Master and he was in the last season.

    I appreciate you may not know the answer but I just wanted to make the point that the Master isn't included (yet) in this range of books.

    Excellent post by the way.
  4. Anonymous 25 April 2008 at 10:55
    I believe that there was a planned Doctor Who files on The Master but it was canned for some reason.

    Perhaps pester BBC books for an answer?

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