Great Gadget and Fantastic Figures

By Mark
We have some more information on two new Character Options Products; The Laser Screwdriver and The Army Of Ghosts Figure Set.

The Laser Screwdriver is set for release sometime in September. The Laser Screwdriver is a gadget of The Master’s, he used it in “The Sound of Drums” and “The Last of the Timelords” to age The Doctor. This is a product made by Character Options , a picture of the Laser Screwdriver can be seen above. Character Options have previously released The Doctor’s trusty Sonic Screwdriver and the Judoon Scanner.

Also we now have a picture of “The Army of Ghosts” figure pack. The Army of Ghosts Set is a Woolworths exclusive, and is out now. Woolworths is the only store that will be selling these.
This pack will feature two previously unreleased figures, them being Mickey Smith with Void Transport Device. Mickey Smith has been released but never with the void transport device. The other previously unreleased figure is the Destroyed Cyberman, it has only ever been released in San Diego for there San Diego Comic Con Festival where they only had limited amounts of them.
In this set you will receive these figures;

Mickey Smith with Void Transport Device
Genesis Ark
Destroyed Cyberman

I will be buying of both of these, they look great. I am especially looking forward to the Laser Screwdriver out in September.
Will you be buying these?
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