Character Profile: Krillitane

By Mark
Actor: No actor was used as the Krillitanes were completely CGI (Computer Generated Image) made by The Mill.

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: None (No Hair)

Information: The Krillitanes appeared in “School Reunion” where they invaded Deffrey Vale Comprehensive School and The Doctor met up again with Sarah Jane Smith and K9. The Krillitanes used the disguise of teachers to try and make the children crack the Skasis Paradigm which would give them control over the universe, making them God-like. Krillitane Oil was used on the chips to make the children more clever, therefore making it presumably easier to crack the Skasis Paradigm.
There are a variety of Krillitanes, some are orange and some are grey and others are different colours. (Below you can see a grey Krillitane)
The Last time before “School Reunion” that The Doctor saw Krillitanes, they looked like humans but with very long necks. Krillitanes are scavengers and take aspects and features of those they kill. They are a mixture of all different races combined to make one. Krillitanes are bat like creatures and respond to loud noises as a weakness as seen in “School Reunion” with the fire alarm. Krillitanes come from their home planet Krillia.

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