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By Mark
Four new figures and one more gadget are on their way to the shops next month. More may come out, these are what we know will be released at this moment in time. I can't wait as I love the figures, and have every single one up to date since the Doctor Who relaunch.
Here is what is set for release;
There will be a Deluxe Reaper figure which will be feature a sound chip and make the Reaper's noise. The Reaper's were seen in "Fathers Day" , Series 1 Episode 8. These flying creatures will make great figures to keep on display.
Brannigan from "Gridlock", Series 3 Episode 3 will also be released. Brannigan is a cat man who has a resemblance to the cat women, the Sisters of Plenitude. Ardal O Hanlen played Brannigan. Brannigan will look great standing next to the Novice Hame figure.

Scarecrow picture was made by putting the two scarecrows together in the same picture.
Two Scarecrows (Jackstraws) from "Human Nature"/"Family Of Blood" will be released. The difference between the scarecrows are the colour of their ties and jackets. The Scarecrows are animated straw inventions made by The Family of Blood. These will look great on display.

Judoon Picture was made by me, putting the two products together in the same picture.
Finally a Judoon Scanner is to be released. The Scanner will be much like the Sonic Screwdriver and will act as a UV Light and pen. This will come with a note pad where you can write in invisible ink and reveal it with the UV light. This Judoon Scanner will go brilliantly with the Judoon Sound FX Helmet released last month. One more step of the way of becoming a Judoon.

Will you be buying the products? I definitely will.

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