Character Profile: Anne Droid

By Mark
Voice Actor: Anne Robinson

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Orange

Information: The Anne Droid was one of the robots that feature in deadly game shows on Satellite 5, now named “Game Station”. The Game Station is run by the Bad Wolf Corporation. The Anne Droid is in charge of “The Weakest Link” where she transports the contestants who are the weakest link to the Daleks spaceship.
A yellow beam, a transmat beam, comes out of the Anne Droid’s mouth when she teleports people the to edge of the Solar System where The Daleks are hiding.(Can be seen below).
When the Daleks, reach Satellite 5 in “The Parting Of The Ways”, The Anne Droid manages to kill 3 Daleks before her head falls off through a Dalek’s extermination.
The Anne Droid was one of many robots in the “Game Station”, others included Trine-E, Zu-Zana and Davina-droid.

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