Helen Mcdonald Tribute

By Mark
Unfortunately sad news came today , that David Tennant's mother , Helen Mcdonald, passed away last Sunday. I'm sorry to hear this news and wish David and his family the best.

Helen, had been receiving chemotherapy treatment for the last year and a half. ACCORD Hospice was helped greatly by Helen. Sandy and Helen celebrated their 45th anniversary on June 11th. Helen was born in Londonderry in 1940 and then moved to Glasgow. Helen will be sadly missed by so many people.

The celebration of Helen’s life will take place at Renfrew North, on Saturday, July 21 (tomorrow), at 11am. I'm sure if you want to help donations to ACCORD will be much appreciated.

Helen was obviously a kind hearted, lovely woman and I pay all my respect to her.
Best wishes to David and his family here from Mark From Tardis and Torchwood Treasures.
Send your tributes to Helen and wishes to David and his family below.

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  1. Bad Wolf 20 July 2007 at 19:16
    sorry to here about this. Hope you feel better soon david over your loss
  2. simon 21 July 2007 at 07:03
    wah thats bad :(
  3. Robert Cyberman 21 July 2007 at 11:50
    Very sad stuff I am sure though, she is now in a better place. 18 months of Chemo would not have been good for either Helen or David. Sadly though, death is something we all face at some time. Its how we choose to handle it though which defines us. My heart felt condolences go out to David and his family.
  4. Anonymous 21 July 2007 at 18:08
    Such sad, sad news. I wish David the best on getting through this.

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