Doctor Who Video Game!

By Mark
Finally a Doctor Who Video Game is to be released, there is not much information as of yet, of what category it will be. Here is what have to say;
Top Trumps have revealed their plans for a Doctor Who video game to be released in time for Christmas 2007.
It is thought it will be available on PC, PS2, DS and Mobile.
An advert for the game appears in the new Doctor Who Top Trumps card pack.
Finally A Doctor Who game to play. I wonder what type it will be, maybe a adventure.
What genre of game do you want it to be?

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  1. simon 22 July 2007 at 08:11
    wouldnt it be cool if it was like every episode from the new series since the 9th doctor and you have to defeat the monsters in each episode to get onto th next place the doctor and rose/martha travelled to lol :)me and my friend made up a dw game for ps2 and wrote what should be on the game :)
  2. gaz_dwsja 22 July 2007 at 09:42
    in summer 2005 i pretended to play a Doctor Who video game on my ds

    deffo buying it!

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