Desktop 1 : A Red Christmas

By Mark
Above is an exclusive wallpaper for Tardis and Torchwood Treasures, kindly made by Rob ( and Rob has pointed out a good point all the Christmas specials do seem to have red monsters in them or at least wearing red.
Very good point Rob. Thanks for the wallpaper.
Instead of the song "A White Christmas" maybe it should be "A Red Christmas".
All the same even if the monsters are red they are still excellent and that rusted Dalek looks as it it will cause some troubles for the Tardis Team.
The wallpaper is free for anyone, anywhere to use and you can Click Here to see it bigger.
Hopefully you will be seeing more desktops in the future.

Enjoy The Wallpaper.
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  1. gaz_dwsja 20 July 2007 at 15:01
    cool i never noticed that

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